Who we are

Trusted Cloud is a software-based research and technology company based in London. Our overarching goal, as people deeply engaged in R&D, is both simple and very high-reaching – to boost scientific research worldwide by enabling maximally effective communication between research institutions, their audiences, and stakeholders – business, media, scientists, students, and general public. We believe that public engagement in research, as well as effective science-to-science and science-to-business communication, is essential to the continued progress of our civilization.

We are working to deepen our understanding of the dynamics that govern the flow and distribution of research data in today’s omni-connected society, and to understand the patterns behind dissemination of scientific information on the one hand, and tangible societal and technological progress on the other.

Our business is dedicated to deliver tools and mechanisms that will enhance research worldwide and strengthen the world of science. For this reason, within our R&D operations, we are developing algorithms, systems and technologies that support research and scientific institutions in their efforts to create knowledge.

What we believe in

We believe that research institutions should have an open, widely accessible and transparent platform in order to enable these processes, and to engage their audiences directly, advertise their openings, recruit from the broadest possible pool of candidates, inform about marketable technologies and solutions, and promote their achievements without relying solely on search engines.

Conversely, interested laypeople should have free access to a platform where they can be informed of scientific developments and research capabilities directly from the source, without mainstream media filtering and without resorting to search engines.

Finally, researchers should be able to use this platform to easily track openings in their field anywhere they appear, be notified of vacancies at a moment’s notice, and submit their application by a single click.