What Research institutions need is a single platform, widely recognizable among all of the Internet users, including important stakeholders, to which all interested parties will relate as the most informative and credible source of knowledge about scientific entities and their research capabilities. ResearchDirect will be a place to promote, inter alia, your research projects and inventions, your laboratories and infrastructure, but also your people. It will be a platform for scientific discussion and knowledge sharing. But, most importantly, ResearchDirect will serve as a bridge, building communication between research institutions and their stakeholders, strengthening science-to-science and business-to-science dialogue.

ResearchDirect is expected to gather all of the important Research institutions from all over the world. This, combined with the platform functionalities, will enable both public and business entities to choose the best possible research partner to cooperate with. You will be able to share with the stakeholders your unique research capabilities, which will effectively support global innovation and progress.

Finally, we have identified a need for a space in the Internet where the greatest minds can solve and discuss the greatest issues in a closed and secure environment, without being bothered.

ResearchDirect is designed not only to provide promotion possibilities for Research institutions, but also to ensure a unique and purely scientific environment capable of strengthening the position of Science and Research in contemporary reality.

What we desire to achieve is unite the most important and influential Research institutions in the world within a single platform. Let your institution join this crème de la crème of scientific organisations and notify your presence in a global research community.