The Challenge

You are a research organisation. Your goal is to advance human knowledge and fuel progress. However, besides the laboratory and the library, you must also effectively communicate and promote both your achievements and capabilities so that you can:

  • garner public interest,
  • secure funding,
  • attract top talent and business partners,
  • elevate academic status and build competitive position,
  • captivate stakeholders,
  • commercialise marketable research,
  • spread the word of science among ordinary people.

Today, your main communication and promotion tool is your institution’s website and a handful of narrowly specialised sources. Currently the number of websites worldwide exceeds 1,000,000,000. In order to find anything – including your institution – on the web, most people use a search engine such as Google. Yet, search engines are increasingly ineffective, which decreases your chance to be found and to engage into a promising cooperation. Important information is mixed with irrelevant blog posts, outdated news articles, locally targeted advertising, and commercial SEO efforts. Enterprises compete fiercely for online visibility. Many companies make a living by finding clever ways to manipulate the order of search results. Organisations’ success is governed by a whim of Google’s constantly changing search algorithm. Thus, obfuscation of the web becomes self-perpetuating.

Mobile mind-shift

Today more people access the Internet via mobile applications than via desktop browsers. Organisations are now racing to develop mobile solutions for interacting with their audiences directly and rapidly – something which websites cannot provide. The world of research has yet to embrace this mobile mind-shift.

The cost of lost opportunities

We know that research institutions have more important concerns than online visibility. But we also know that the loss of visibility means loss of opportunity – and most research institutes have been disproportionately affected by the situation. How many of your achievements went unnoticed because they did not interest the mainstream media? How many researchers did not apply for your opening because they could not find it? How much funding could you secure if the public and private stakeholders were engaged in your research?

Chance to stimulate research and development

Today, there are no existing solutions to enable global, direct, rapid and effective online communication and promotion efforts by research institutions. As a result, the importance of science is obscured, opportunities are lost, and progress suffers.


At this point, Trusted Cloud offers a totally new attitude to deliver reliable, transparent and user-friendly research platform – to make sure that all of the research organisations’ potential is visible in the cyberspace.