Recipients and users

What we want to achieve is to be present in every single mobile device of every single knowledge consumer worldwide. Single place for all of the important research matters.

ResearchDirect is designed to reach a wide public:

  • alumni,
  • government,
  • academics,
  • business,
  • researchers,
  • students,
  • investors,
  • talents and potential employees,
  • science journalists,
  • international organizations both governmental and non-governmental,
  • every single knowledge consumer utilising Internet and mobile devices.

ResearchDirect mobile application will be accessible to the end-users and researchers for free through all of the significant digital distribution platforms for mobile apps, especially:

  • App Store
  • Android Market
  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Desktop application dedicated do PCs will be accessible via ResearchDirect website.

Apart from traditional contemporary marketing methods and social communication channels, ResearchDirect will use modern direct marketing to reach entities essential for research environment, such as international organisations (i.e. UN agencies), science journalists, NGOs and other strategic research organisations.