Organisation’s Profile

Fully customisable organisation’s profile


  • There are no restrictions on the amount of information that institution can present within its profile (including videos and other media).
  • Mobile solutions allow improved ability to present the content concerning research institutions (both text and graphics).
  • Under ReserachDirect, research institution is granted professional support by an allocated Concierge and graphic designer to make sure that the institution’s profile within Research Organisations Guide is of the highest quality.
  • After an initial profile set up, an institution is granted autonomous management of the profile based on the administration panel (also allowing back office processes).
  • Organisation profile uses a drag and drop mechanism combined with building blocks, which makes it possible to expose the most important information or content.
  • Research Organisation Guide is searchable through advanced mechanisms and hybrid matching algorithms.
  • Participating organisations will be organised by different criteria customised to the end-user needs (geographic, research areas, scientific interests etc.). After the initial setup, profiles will be organised alphabetically according to the chosen criterion (equality rule).