The First Complete Research Organisations Guide 2017
“It is simple, all scientific research organisations in one place.”

  • The first online, Internet guide to research organisations from all over the world, dedicated both to mobile devices and personal computers.
  • Assembling all of the significant research organisations within a single platform.
  • Traditional guide transformed into a mobile platform (application), widely accessible for any Internet or mobile user (supported by desktop application for PCs).
  • Containing your organisation’s interactive profile – a guidebook that you can develop and transform on a daily basis to attract influential stakeholders.
  • A single place to which all the interested parties will relate as the most informative and credible source of knowledge about scientific organisations and their research capabilities.
  • Free of charge for each Internet user, enabling them to access your organisation’s profile easily and quickly from any place in the world and to learn about your strengths, capabilities, achievements and initiatives.
  • Research Organisations Guide allows you to share all of the important information  with a wide audience – depending only on what you want to communicate, without resorting to ineffective search engines.
  • Promoting your research infrastructure, achievements, research areas and activities, international cooperation matters, as well as your human potential.


Organisations are now racing to develop mobile solutions for interacting with their audiences directly and rapidly – something which websites cannot provide.