What can be presented and promoted through organisation’s profile.

Since an organisation’s profile will serve as a promotion tool, it will be customised by the given research organisation  itself.

Sky is the limit – the type, quality and quantity of information that you want to communicate and promote within your organisation’s profile depends only on your creativity and vision.

A dedicated graphic designer will be allocated to ensure appropriate appearance of your profile according to your ideas and needs.

The content (including videos, photos and other media) that can be presented within your profile contains among others:

  • your organisation’s research areas, activities and capabilities,
  • your organisation’s research infrastructure,
  • your organisation’s human potential,
  • your organisation’s achievements,
  • International cooperation matters and shared research areas,
  • up to date news and highlights,
  • information about research papers and articles,
  • job openings,
  • conferences, lectures and events etc.