The first widely recognisable global platform dedicated to promote research organisations and facilitate rapid communication with knowledge consumers worldwide.


The Challenge

You are a research organisation. Your goal is to advance human knowledge and fuel progress. Beyond the laboratory and the library, however, you also must effectively communicate and promote your achievements…

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The Solution

At Trusted Cloud, we believe that public engagement in research as well as effective science-to-science and science-to-business communication is essential to the continued progress of our civilisation…

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Why mobile?

  • Mobile solutions are easy to use and low-cost
  • 24/7 connection to your audiences
  • It keeps your app users informed about specials and events

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ResearchDirect is designed to address the specific needs of research institutions in the areas of online presence, interaction, and communication.

Selected features and functionalities of ResearchDirect include:
  • a fully customisable institutional profile within the Research Organisations Guide,

  • a comprehensive conference management tool, eliminating the need for 3rd party event apps,

  • unified global platform for the publication of press releases and news, enabling science communication to a growing mobile audience,

  • job postings and a revolutionary job search engine for institutions and researchers,

  • an innovative matching system based on a unique Hybrid Matching Algorithms allowing business and public organisations to find the best possible research partner for their projects,

  • aesthetics and ease of use, achievable only in a mobile app,

  • a user friendly and high quality desktop app for clarity and functionality in case of advanced and organised research.


The mobile mind-shift

Embrace the future of science communication by bringing your institution to a mobile platform.

Exceed expectations

People expect to find your institution in the Internet, especially on their mobile device. Meet them there, then impress them.

Global reach

Join leading institutions worldwide, maximise your impact and attract top talent from the broadest possible pool of researchers.

Hassle-free worldwide visibility

ResearchDirect gives you an opportunity to easily set up and maintain online presence and build your professional position among stakeholders.

Always up to date

You can easily update your institution profile at any time. Never be bothered by impossible last-minute changes again.

No matter the size

We want your institution to join our platform regardless of your organisation’s size and budget. Our goal is to combine whole scientific world into one most recognizable research platform.

Main Functionalities

    • Research Organisations Guide

    • Conferences & Events

    • Agora

    • News & Highlights

    • Research Direct Match

    • Jobs & Careers

iOS (Apple)

iOS (Apple)

Android (Google)

Android (Google)

Windows (Microsoft)

Windows (Microsoft)


There is more than 8 200 research institutes and 32 000 universities worldwide. Their presence and visibility in the Internet, currently the main communication channel, is in most cases indiscernible. It applies especially to the research institutes which do not possess appropriate promotion tools to ensure their proper position in both economy and research reality. Most of these entities remain anonymous to the wide public – webpage (often obsolete and unattractive) does not ensure appropriate promotion and is not an effective communication channel with the interested parties.

The main goal of ResearchDirect project is to gather the majority of research organisations within an online guide – Research Organisations Guide functionality, allowing appropriate visibility and promotion in the Internet (especially on mobile devices) and at the same time providing them with an effective communication channel with business, international organisations, investors and other interested parties.